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Welcome To Mooshie Games!

At Mooshie Games we strive to test our limits. We know the only way to make a better game is to push the limits, and that is what we are about. We will not stop until our best game is made better.

The 30 Day Sandbox

Seth is going to be spending roughly 5 hours a day for 30 days developing a moddable sandbox game. If he succeeds Mooshie Games will pickup the project and we will get to work finishing the game for publishing. If he fails the project will be released as open source for all to use and expand upon.

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Dip - My First & Only Mobile Game Experience

Roughly three years ago I had an idea for a mobile game, where you play as a chip trying to catch dips and avoid bad dips. Now let's return to the present--more accurately March, 2019--where I was stuck in the inevitable, "Game Dev Loop". I was sick and tired of having nothing to show for my experience. So, I was determined to make a game, and finish it. Luckily I remembered the concept and went to town. Now, roughly four months later, it is available to play on the Google Play Store. That is my first and only mobile game... for now.