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30 Day (Modifiable) Sandbox Game {Unity Asset}

Project Lead: Seth


The Challenge?

Create a 3D sandbox game with lua mod support(for Unity Asset Store) and meet any additionally defined requirement within 30 days.
Work Began August 12th, 2019. I will be posting updated videos about what exactly I have made so far.

09/07/19 Update!

As of tonight I have only a couple minor fixes, 2 more entities(I still have no idea what they will be), and that is it. I have ultimately decided, at the end of the 30 days(09/12/19), I will start the process to release this project as an asset on the Unity Asset Store. I am also considering taking on the project as a full game. However, there will be some careful consideration, and planning, before that decision is made.

Update - 10/03/19

After an extremely frustrating experience with the Unity Asset Store, I have decided to release the project as Open-Source. You can download it HERE.



If There Is Time: